Halifax: 1535 Dresden Row, Unit 210  
Bedford: 50 Gary Martin Dr. Unit 230
902-405-3661  Email: admin@oneupfitness.ca

Fitness. Down to a Science



personal trainer in Halifax

OneUp is the ideal alternative to the gym, a place where one or two 30 minute sessions a week is enough to transform how you feel.

The OneUp approach to fitness ensures your safety and promises to deliver the results you seek. OneUp pairs you with personal trainers who are all graduates in kinesiology.

Our mission is to help you experience the freedom of a stronger body that lives longer and feels better. Our clients are 10 yrs to 75+. Personal fitness goals range from weight loss to increased mobility.

Our trainers work with you to develop a program to build an inner strength that will power you through the years.

” I cannot say enough about this remarkable training system and methodology. It is now an integral part of my life. -David Abugov “


Monday to Friday – 7:30am – 7pm
Saturdays – Temporarily closed (*sorry for inconvenience, we anticipate opening hours again in the fall. Hours will be updated here. Thank you for your understanding)

Meet Our Personal Trainers

Matt Mombourquette – Fitness Coach/Kinesiologist

Matt trains both athletes and weekend warriors. His approach is science based, which guarantees results.

Evan Snow – Fitness Coach/Kinesiologist

Evan challenges his clients to think differently about exercise. He brings the mind & body connection to his work. If you need a reboot talk to Evan.

Dominique Lalande- Personal Trainer/Kinesiologist

Dom approaches fitness with a true understanding of it’s benefits, and she’s pro at showing you how to reap the rewards.