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At OneUp Fitness we know that our team comes before anything else. Therefore, we feel it is important to invest in our team and the continual learning and development of our team. We also believe that we have to “walk the talk”. This means that we value our health and fitness and do what we encourage our clients to do in order to perform and feel at our best. Because when we are at our best we know that we can deliver our best every time we step into the fitness studio. Walking the talk includes: eating well, sleeping well, performing weekly OneUp Fitness resistance training, regular activity, stress management, and having fun.

Trainer benefits:

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Intention and Mission of OneUp Fitness

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Trainer Education / Development

Learn a unique, science-based approach to personal training using innovative technologies, equipment, and skill sets that will be taught in-house. This will ensure maximal benefits for your clients using amazing and efficient exercise protocols.

What qualifications does a OneUp Fitness trainer need?

What is required to be a successful trainer at OneUp Fitness?

A self-motivated, hard-working individual who is comfortable asking for help when they need it. Someone who is willing to work hard to develop into the best version of themselves to best serve our clients. Excellent communication skills and responsibility and ownership of their actions. A professional and positive attitude towards our clients and our teammates at all times. A willingness to step outside of their ‘comfort zones’ in order to learn and grow. Dedication to our craft and a reliable member of our team.

Working environment

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Message from the owner

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“If you are seeking a challenging and rewarding career in the field of personal training, you are open to learning and developing your skills and you are passionate about helping people with their health and fitness goals please get in touch so we can discuss possible opportunities to join our team of fitness professionals.”

Matt Mombourquette

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