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Your Busy Lifestyle Makes It Hard To Fit Exercise In To Your Schedule.

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You’re Getting Older, But Are Not Willing To Give Up The Activities You Love.

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personal trainer in Bedford

You Want To Improve Your Performance In A Sport Or Activity.

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You Are Tired Of The Traditional Gym And Are Looking For An Alternative.

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  • Wellness Centre

    Why physical exercise matters for speakers

    Performance is strongly correlated with confidence. There haven’t been many public speeches that went down in the history books delivered by someone who looked or sounded uncertain. How you feel plays a big role in how confident you are. If you are tired from poor sleep, hungry from not eating enough of the right foods, or lack energy because you are unfit, you will likely also lack the confidence to deliver your message with vibrancy and enthusiasm. Exercise is an excellent way to increase energy, vibrancy, stamina, strength and, as a result, confidence in yourself. So, where do you start? Strength training. Or, more appropriately, resistance exercise. Studies have shown time and again that if you engage in regular resistance exercise, you will be healthier, stronger, and generally feel better. And when we feel strong and good about ourselves that is a huge boost to our confidence in everything that [...]

  • Sarcopenia- Muscle Atrophy that Affects Everyone

    You are between the ages of 40 and 75 years old. You’ve noticed recently, or perhaps for a while now, that you don’t have the stamina, strength or endurance that you once had. Taking the stairs leaves you more winded than you remember; carrying groceries; shoveling snow; mowing the lawn; lifting your children or grandchildren is now a task that sometimes leaves you feeling just plain old. You may even still be active. Playing sports, walking, swimming, travelling, biking. But, you can’t help but feel like these things take more out of you now than they once did. Why? Is it just because you’re ‘getting older’? What does time have to do with it? What has happened within your time to make you now feel this way? Is his inevitable, or is there something you can do about it? The answer to these questions is multi-faceted but to start, yes, [...]

  • fitness coach. Halifax trainer

    More isn’t always better when it comes to fitness

    For many years practicing as a physiotherapist, I faced the challenge of helping people safely return to activity. Exercise prescription was – and is – an essential part of optimal rehabilitation and, while it may seem straightforward, many people struggle to find the right balance of stress and recovery. In fact, many arrived on my treatment table from doing too much of a good thing. Sprained ankles from weekend warrior activities, sore backs from lifting the wrong way, torn rotator cuffs from a sudden jolt to the shoulder, and so on, are all too common. The most difficult part with these people was helping them rein in their activities to allow time for healing and to gradually increase mobility and tolerance for loading. For others, problems arose not from doing too much but from not doing much at all. In many of these cases, pain from old injuries or chronic [...]

  • Prioritize Strength

    If you have time to do nothing else, prioritize strength! I’ve been a trainer for well over a decade now. I’ve performed hundreds of fitness consultations and have instructed thousands of fitness sessions. I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure to meet hundreds of people and hear many different stories, goals, aspirations, fears and challenges regarding people’s health and fitness. What I have come to observe is that, hands down, the most common challenge that our clients face when it comes to staying fit is time and accountability. We have many clients who are physicians, lawyers, entrepreneurs, accountants, stay at home parents, professors, etc. This usually means long days, long weeks and not much room in their schedules for very much else. In spite of their hectic schedules; and their work and personal life demands they do very well to stick to their one to 2 workouts per week. Why? Because [...]

  • personal trainer in halifax

    Why Work With A One Up Kinesiologist/Personal Trainer?

        Here is what we hear people saying: “Why would I spend the money to work with one of our Kinesiologist/Personal Trainer when I could just go to the gym and work out on my own? It can’t be that hard to figure out, can it?” The benefits of working one on one with a Kinesiologist are plenty. The first and most important benefit is reducing the risk of injury. Many people start lifting the wrong weight or with the wrong technique/form and end up injuring themselves in the process. Working with someone who understands body mechanics can get you started properly and keep you progressing without injury.   When your workouts are customized for you, you will see benefits from increased strength, stamina and performance; to decreased pain symptoms, increased mobility and injury prevention; working one on one with a Kinesiologist is certainly a more strategic and beneficial [...]

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