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Working Together to Strengthen Your Health

We hold very high standards and all of our trainers must go through rigorous education and practice before they begin training clients.

Our One Up Trainers

Matt Mombourquette
BSc.Kin./Certified personal trainer/Owner

Matt is an award winning personal trainer. His interest in fitness and health started at a young age leading him to a degree in Kinesiology from Dalhousie University. His passion for exercise, nutrition, and leading a healthy lifestyle has led him to a career in personal fitness coaching. Matt joined One to One Wellness in 2007 and is now the senior trainer and business partner at OneUp Fitness.

Matt has successfully coached thousands of fitness sessions throughout his career. From athletes, to weekend warriors, to clients with challenging physical conditions. And those who have never before stepped foot in a gym.

Matt’s vision is to empower people to take the responsibility of their health into their own hands with a safe and simple solution to exercise and believes that the best results are achieved through a science-based approach to resistance training combined with healthy sleep practices, regular stress management and healthy food.

Matt is a highly sought after trainer and always looks forward to meeting people who want to improve their lives. Book your free consultation to have the opportunity to speak with Matt in person.

Andrew Murphy
Kinesiologist/Certified personal trainer

Andrew is originally from Truro Nova Scotia. He grew up playing sports, with football being his primary passion. Today Andrew enjoys strength training, skiing, and golf. In the summer months, he enjoys being outdoors, especially at his family’s cottage. As a result of his active lifestyle, he has grown to appreciate the many health benefits associated with being physically active.

Sport led him to pursue studies in Kinesiology at Acadia University and he graduated in 2018. At Acadia, his passion for leading a healthy lifestyle evolved, and he quickly realized that promoting this to the public was something he wanted to pursue further.

Andrew enjoys meeting new clients and looks forward to the opportunity to share his expertise and excitement toward strength training and activity. He believes it does not matter where or when you start; strength training can help anyone lead a happier, healthier life.

Andrew is eager to build his caseload and extend his reach to new clients. Don’t miss the opportunity to book a complimentary one-hour consultation with this young, enthusiastic health professional. You will not be disappointed!

You can reach Andrew directly at his email address: [email protected] or call our office (902) 405-3661.

Mike Gregory
Certified Master Personal Trainer

Originally from St. John’s, Newfoundland, Mike has coached countless fitness classes and personal training sessions since he has been in Nova Scotia this past year. From coaching clients around injuries; to helping athletes work towards their goals; Mike has always put his client’s best interests at the top of his list.

Having worked with people of all fitness levels, he has acquired the ability to tailor each session to the individual to maximize the best results for them. He emphasizes the importance of remaining safe and controlled during exercise. Mike encourages his clients to challenge themselves; and to work hard during their sessions to maximize the outcome of their training. He also recognizes that every client has their own comfort zone and will adapt the workout to reflect that.

Friendly, personable and passionate, Mike has made it a goal to influence and educate every one of his clients on the importance of proper strength training and staying healthy for a lifetime. Mike has been involved in competitive sports his entire life, which has taught him a great deal about staying fit and keeping healthy.

As the father of a 2-year-old boy, Mike understands the importance of time management. That’s why he values the efficient nature of proper resistance exercise as it allows him to keep up with his very energetic son.

Mike is also working to complete his Master Personal Trainer course from HITuni. This gives him an extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, safety practices, working with special populations, exercise program design, basic nutrition and much more.

Mike is very driven by helping others and is inspired when he sees his clients succeed at getting stronger, fitter and healthier.

Book a consultation with Mike today to share your goals, try a complimentary workout, and get recommendations on how to optimize your results. Contact Mike directly at [email protected] or call our office (902) 405-3661.

Our One Up Team

Reina Robicheau
Office Administrator

Reina has eight years’ experience working as an administrative professional and graduated from the NSCC Business Administrative Accounting program in 2013. She happily brings a balance of both skill sets to the table, being one of the first faces that will greet you when you walk in the office and also working behind the scenes. Her favorite part of her job is having the opportunity to connect with our amazing clients.

When not at work, Reina is busy as a stay at home mother to her two children. She enjoys walking in nature, reading a good book and writing poetry.

Elspeth Humble
Office Administrator

Elspeth is originally from Halifax, but spent her childhood moving with her family from one city to another across Canada and the USA. She came back in 2001 and has called Halifax home ever since. She has had a varied school and career path, but feels she has finally found her place at One to One Wellness.

Since starting at the clinic, Elspeth is touched by the close-knit community and strong relationships she sees with staff and clients every day. She loves connecting with people by discovering their stories and passions, and strives to be a reliable and supportive member of the health and wellness family at One to One and OneUp.

Elspeth believes that being adaptable, independent, and maintaining a positive outlook are key qualities to living a fulfilling life. For her, every day is an adventure, and the people she encounters along the way contribute the most to it.

In her free time, Elspeth loves strength training, travelling the world (and her province), and spending time with her family. She is also an avid pinball player and can be found at the local arcade more than she’d like to admit.


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