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Working Together to Strengthen Your Health

We hold very high standards and all of our trainers must go through rigorous education and practice before they begin training clients.

Our One Up Trainers
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Matt Mombourquette
BSc.Kin./Certified personal trainer/Owner

Matt is an award winning personal trainer. His interest in fitness and health started at a young age leading him to a degree in Kinesiology from Dalhousie University. His passion for exercise, nutrition, and leading a healthy lifestyle has led him to a career in personal fitness coaching. Matt joined One to One Wellness in 2007 and is now the senior trainer and business partner at OneUp Fitness.

Matt has successfully coached thousands of fitness sessions throughout his career. From athletes, to weekend warriors, to clients with challenging physical conditions. And those who have never before stepped foot in a gym.

Matt’s vision is to empower people to take the responsibility of their health into their own hands with a safe and simple solution to exercise and believes that the best results are achieved through a science-based approach to resistance training combined with healthy sleep practices, regular stress management and healthy food.

Matt is a highly sought after trainer and always looks forward to meeting people who want to improve their lives. Book your free consultation to have the opportunity to speak with Matt in person.

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Dominique Lalande
BSc.Kin./Certified personal trainer

Dominique is a ‘small but mighty’ national champion rugby player, native to Halifax, NS. Growing up Dominique loved playing sports (primarily soccer and rugby) as well as coaching within the realm of those sports whenever possible. This pushed her to continue her education in the field of health and fitness.

Dom is a recent graduate from St.FX earning a BSc. in Human Kinetics. She has discovered that her passion is to help individuals gain strength and confidence through safe resistance exercise, as that is what sports and athletics has given her.

As a coach at One Up Fitness, she wants to help educate others on the benefits of high quality resistance training so they can enjoy a long, happy and confident life. She accomplishes this by challenging individuals to work to their full potential with a positive and encouraging attitude.

Dom keeps her roots in Nova Scotia because she is drawn to the ocean and loves the friendly and kind nature of the Nova Scotian culture.

She also aspires to travel to Europe, as she is intrigued by history and different cultures and loves the allure of the Mediterranean.

Book a consultation with Dom today to discuss your health and fitness goals and to have your chance to work with a National champion!

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Evan Snow
Kinesiologist/Personal trainer

Evan is a very enthusiastic, kind and caring coach who has a deep passion for health and fitness. He graduated from Dalhousie University in 2014 with a BSc. majoring in Kinesiology. Since then he’s made it his mission to plant his knowledge of health and fitness within his clients, attempting to get people to think differently about exercise and, specifically, strength training.

Evan instructs his clients to focus more on the subjective experience of their workouts; the quality of their training. The intensity, or how challenging the workout feels, should come as a result of the level of focus and effort the client puts into every repetition of every exercise they perform. This, in turn will produce the maximum result.

He loves to help his clients better connect to their bodies and most importantly, feel better about themselves as they pursue their journey to improving their health.
I love what I do. Day in and day out I have the privilege to interact with people who truly inspire me. I get to laugh, to learn and to enable my clients to be the very best they can be when it comes to health and wellness. I want to help you achieve freedom and enjoy your life to its fullest potential through safe and productive strength training.”

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Daniel van der Poel
BSc.Kin./Certified personal trainer

Daniel van der Poel is a recent graduate earning a BSc. in Kinesiology at Dalhousie University. Throughout his degree, he has gained a detailed understanding of the science of human movement including; functional anatomy, physiology. He specialized in the area of prescription methodologies and knowledge of North American training guidelines by taking multiple fitness assessment and advanced program design classes.

Several volunteer placements in the field of health and fitness; including placements as an athletic trainer, physiotherapist assistant, exercise leader, as well as volunteer placements in the area of health and fitness have helped him gain a thorough understanding of the importance of proper and consistent strength training.

Daniel grew up in Germany until he was 17 years old, before his family decided to open their own pastry business in Nova Scotia. Growing up he loved playing sports such as soccer and track and field. Daniel is an active guy dedicating much of his free time to his health and fitness.

He believes that strength training is not just a way to stay on optimal physical shape, but also builds a great base to improve the quality of life, tackle issues that prevent healthy aging and prepare for daily challenges. His philosophy is that nothing in this life comes easy, but when you put in hard work, sweat and tears into something, and you see results- that feeling is priceless, and he wants to help you achieve it!

Our One Up Team
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Nick Matheson

Nick coaches high-performing leaders to shift from their work life to their life’s work. With quiet confidence, he calmly inspires others to choose the leap toward aligned energy, greater freedom, and real prosperity.

As owner of OneUp Performance, OneUp Fitness, and One to One Wellness, and with over 18 years as an entrepreneur, Nick integrates unique experience in health and wellness and business coaching to power individual and team performance. He is the developer of the Vital Force approach and a Certified Market Force Professional, training and coaching entrepreneurial and corporate organizations for the last six years. Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, he also holds an MBA from St. Mary’s University and a BSc(PT) from Dalhousie.

Beyond business, Nick’s most important life’s work is raising four amazing children along with his wife Lori. They make every day an exciting adventure, an invigorating learning experience, and an inspiring imperative to keep growing!