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We hold very high standards and all of our trainers must go through rigorous education and practice before they begin training clients.

Our One Up Trainers

Mike Gregory
Certified Personal Trainer

Originally from St. John’s, Newfoundland, Mike has coached countless fitness classes and personal training sessions since he has been in Nova Scotia this past year. From coaching clients around injuries; to helping athletes work towards their goals; Mike has always put his client’s best interests at the top of his list.

Having worked with people of all fitness levels, he has acquired the ability to tailor each session to the individual to maximize the best results for them. He emphasizes the importance of remaining safe and controlled during exercise. Mike encourages his clients to challenge themselves; and to work hard during their sessions to maximize the outcome of their training. He also recognizes that every client has their own comfort zone and will adapt the workout to reflect that.

Friendly, personable and passionate, Mike has made it a goal to influence and educate every one of his clients on the importance of proper strength training and staying healthy for a lifetime. Mike has been involved in competitive sports his entire life, which has taught him a great deal about staying fit and keeping healthy.

As the father of a 2-year-old boy, Mike understands the importance of time management. That’s why he values the efficient nature of proper resistance exercise as it allows him to keep up with his very energetic son.

Mike is also working to complete his Master Personal Trainer course from HITuni. This gives him an extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, safety practices, working with special populations, exercise program design, basic nutrition and much more.

Mike is very driven by helping others and is inspired when he sees his clients succeed at getting stronger, fitter and healthier.

Book a consultation with Mike today to share your goals, try a complimentary workout, and get recommendations on how to optimize your results. Contact Mike directly at [email protected] or call our office (902) 405-3661.

Paul Madden
Certified Personal Trainer

Born in Yarmouth and raised in Lower Sackville, he played many sports but hockey was the focus. In high school he discovered weight training in PE class and had started reading his father’s Men’s Health magazines then quickly jumped to the training programs from bodybuilding magazines spending 6-10hrs a week in the gym which took a toll on his body. Later in life he joined the navy and moved to Victoria, BC. There he played hockey and lots of squash and started helping to train his peers in the weight room which sparked his passion for aiding others in their fitness goals.

Completing his military contract, he pursued his passion by earning a degree in exercise sciences from Camosun College. Gaining a better understanding of the human body, programming, and the other components to a healthy lifestyle, he set forth to not only help others but to make sure they do not suffer the same mistakes he made in his earlier training years of overtraining and injuries.

After college he designed and installed fitness spaces for companies for their employees, for gyms, high schools, and personal home gyms. Often times running seminars for companies to train their employees on using the equipment and basic fitness programming as well as training customers in their new home gym.

As his family grew in size, now having three young children, he moved back to Nova Scotia to be closer to his relatives and who want to help support him so he can make personal training his primary career goal. With patience the perfect opportunity arrived at OneUp Fitness.

Thrilled to join the OneUp team, he believes fitness needs to be sustainable for the long-haul and wants clients to see how that is possible. His goal is to help clients of all physical levels to grow a stronger body and mind through HIT workouts and to show them that strength training is the foundation to life-long health.

Education is important to him and learning new ideas are important to him; currently working on completing his HITuni certifications and he has completed his CSEP-CPT, Precision Nutrition Level 1, and Reflexive Performance Reset Level 1.

Tanya Thiel
B.PE/Certified Personal Trainer

Originally from Port Morien, Cape Breton, NS. Tanya grew up in a very sports-focused family.  As a teenager, she began to discover the endless benefits of exercise’s impact on health and wellness.  A chance trip to Vancouver for a summer changed her life path forever.  She found her passion for fitness and decided that summer to follow that passion into university! 

Upon completing her Physical Education degree at Acadia University she was distracted from her path and was recruited into a career with the Federal Government. She spent many years working within a very demanding position but always managed to stay connected to her passion through exercise, and helping others achieve their own fitness and health goals. Gradually she realized her career in the government was not fulfilling her soul’s desire and made the choice to leave and pursue her true passion; Personal Training.

Tanya loves strength training, walking with her dog, kayaking, and snowshoeing. She is a big fan of the outdoors in general, especially if there is a beach involved. 

Tanya is very excited to be a part of our team of trainers here at OneUp Fitness. She strives to help others achieve their goals; and is passionate about helping people excel in their health and fitness endeavours, knowing that it will have a positive impact on their quality of life.

Book online with Tanya today to get a challenging and meaningful workout!

Matt Mombourquette
BSc.Kin./Certified Personal Trainer/Owner

Matt is the proud, sole owner and fitness team lead at OneUp Fitness. His passion for exercise started at a very young age when he started lifting weights in his father's shed at the age of 12. Since then he has completed a degree in Kinesiology at Dalhousie University, worked in a nursing home as a Kinesiologist, became a certified Personal Trainer with a specialization in slow motion, high-intensity strength training, attended exercise conferences, and has completed thousands of personal training sessions since starting his career at OneUp Fitness in 2007.

These days he is not as active in training clients due to the demands of ownership and running two personal training studios. He is however very active and passionate about empowering his team with the tools and skills necessary to deliver the best personal training service possible to all of our amazing clients.

Matt is very proud of the fact that OneUp Fitness has become a place with a positive and healthy culture where our team, clients, and community feel welcome, respected, and cared for.

Matt’s vision is to continue to develop and grow OneUp Fitness into the ideal choice for long term, safe and effective strength training, conditioning, and wellbeing that so many of our clients have enjoyed since 2005.

His availability is limited for appointments but he is still happy to meet with clients where his schedule allows.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Matt please contact our administrative team at : [email protected] or call (902) 405-3661

Our One Up Team

Allie Richards
Office Administrator

Allie is a graduate of the NSCC Office Administration program. She has worked in various administrative roles over the years, mainly within sportive associations & fitness studios. Prior to that she was a high-level competitive rhythmic gymnast for 10 years, turned coach where she was a head coach on Team Nova Scotia.

Allie loves having the chance to greet each client & welcome them into the studio with a friendly smile (that one day again will be seen from under the mask). Since joining the One to One and OneUp team she has been touched by the strong sense of community between the staff & clients as they all work toward a common goal of wellness & healing.

In her free time, Allie enjoys spending time in the sun, watching movies, and drinking probably too much coffee. Her favourite ways to keep active are moving to music; whether that’s doing aerial circus, dancing, or anything in between!

Amanda Cormier
Office Administrator

Amanda has worked in a variety of administrative roles since moving to Halifax in 2017. She loves being able to help people and put a smile on their face, and appreciates the tight-knit community of One to One and One-Up clients and staff alike. Amanda is happy to welcome you with a smile at the front desk of our clinic.

Outside of work, Amanda loves exploring other worlds through books, theatre, tabletop roleplaying games, and other forms of storytelling. She also likes to take long walks on nice days, often with a coffee and always with an energetic playlist.


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