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The often overlooked benefits

The article that is linked here is from our friends at HITuni. –> Metabolism, in the minds eye

There are more than just strength benefits from training. A few overlooked and not often talked about benefits from high intensity training: improved metabolism, glucose and insulin sensitivity.

*Nerd alert, put on your science goggles. ?

Below is a summary of some of the highlights from the article in case you don’t have time, or the attention span (hehe), to read the whole thing. Just for reference HIT = High Intensity Training, strength training to be exact. This is referring to the style of training that we teach and coach here at OneUp Fitness. You can learn more about our approach Here.

Here is the summary highlights from the article (with a few original thoughts attached).

“The adaptations of consistent HIT training are substantial in that for the total time committed (~15-30 minutes) nearly all of the health related benefits of long duration (>60 minutes) steady- state exercise are accessible\’

“Long-term HIT significantly improves glucose tolerance, but has been shown to be more effective in the long term management of diabetes than several diabetic pharmaceuticals”

As you can see in this graph only 2 weeks of HIT increases insulin sensitivity. Adapted From: Courtesy HITuni

\’Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) is a phenomenon were your body keeps burning energy (calories) after the exercise has ended and can remain increased for over 24 hrs…the more intense the exercise the greater the EPOC effect.”

**Note on this quote: Next time you have a really hard session in our studio, notice that your breathing is laboured between exercises, but not quite as heavy as when the workout is over. That is the EPOC effect. Not everyone has this experience, but it is quite common. I always notice I have laboured breathing for at least a half hour post workout, usually upwards of an hour.

…”The EPOC effect can be even greater when there is a component of muscle damage as is the case with high-intensity resistance training.\’

**Note on this quote: This muscle damage comes in the form of micro-tearing of muscle fibers at a cellular level of the involved musculature. It is believed to happen almost exclusively during eccentric contractions (when you are simultaneously contracting and lengthening a muscle group, such as during the lowering phase of a bicep curl). As a side note, this is a good thing as it contributes to increased protein turnover and therefore higher quality muscle tissue will be formed.

…”This adds to the metabolic burden of intense exercise and emphasizes the importance of proper recovery periods from HIT.”

**Note on this quote: In other words, rest between bouts of exercise is crucial for maximal benefits. One bout every 2 to 7 days seems to be adequate for the majority population. And, the better quality of sleep you get, the more those benefits will be enhanced.

“HIT could be the strategy to tip the scales in your metabolic favour. Leading to a longer and healthier life with more time on your hands\’

**Note on this quote: Sounds good to us.

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