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Meet Faisal, 70 years old and still getting stronger. He’s a testament to reversing the effects of aging through strength training.

The one thing that changes everything when it comes to health and fitness is Muscle.

Put simply, maintaining your muscle is the single most important factor in healthy aging. As such, building strength must be the foundation of any fitness program.

If you’ve ever been injured, in pain, or ill for any length of time, you know what it feels like to lose muscle.

If you feel your body shape changing as you age in spite of your efforts to eat well and be active, you know what it feels like to lose muscle.

If you find it harder to do things you once did with ease, you know what it feels like to lose muscle.

And, if you’ve watched people you love grow older and more frail, you know what it looks like to lose muscle. And you know you don’t want it to happen to you.

We hear it all the time. And we have a sustainable solution.

personal training in Halifax & BedfordLoss of muscle is not inevitable and, in fact, is easily reversed with the right exercise approach. Building strength also impacts every other biomarker of aging and enhances performance of all physical and mental activities.

The OneUp Fitness approach ensures:

  • Individualized exercise prescriptions that are safe, efficient, and effective
  • Progressive challenges that help you reach and expand your potential
  • Great results in minimum time
  • Great results with minimal risk of injury
  • More time and ability to do the things you love
  • A brighter future!

The Process / Where to start

1. Book a one hour Fitness Consultation with one of our Trainers

2. Fill out intake form which will be sent to you automatically

3. Discuss health history, goals and experience your first workout with a Trainer

4. Choose your fitness package, make your payment and book your appointments ahead

5. Your team of trainers will then develop a program and guide you through each minute of every workout you perform giving you feedback on your form and recommendations on what you can do to further progress towards your goals.

That’s it, it’s simple. Book complimentary consultation now and sure to check out our trainer page, read our bios and reach out to us directly to book your consultation or contact our office at 902 405-3661.