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Strength lends to courage

Strength lends to courage

It’s been a rough winter for us here in the Maritimes and, as a result, there were a lot of people heading south for a little reprieve from the onslaught of old man winter, including yours truly.

My wife and I recently had a wonderfully relaxing vacation on some sandy white shores with beautifully warm turquoise water gently churning in the background. My intent on this vacation was to relax; and I purposefully neglected the gym facilities at our location as my training regime at home is steadfast and consistent.

As much as I love laying on the beach with a good book and magnificent martini, it took me all but a few hours before I was looking to expend some energy. I noticed a few people grabbing gear from a near by water activity shed and watched as a few individuals attempted some kayaking and paddle boarding.

Personally I haven’t kayaked in years and I have never attempted stand up paddle boarding. I am generally a very confident fellow but I did have a moment of “oh crap, what if I look like an idiot out there?” That thought, however, was fleeting and I grabbed a board.

After a quick 5 minute learning curve I was up on my feet, feeling quite sturdy and confident, and paddled a good go for about an hour and a half. –> Here’s a quick clip of me having some fun on a paddleboard 


Paddle Board Still Photo


It occurred to me afterward that strength lends to a significant amount of courage for trying and experiencing new things. Most will pull out the ‘that’s because you’re young’ card, but I believe that this is a matter of strength and fitness and has nothing really to do with age. Workouts for me personally consists of a 20 minute, full body strength training workout once every 5 days or so, and thats pretty much it. That’s all it takes.

I encourage you to explore, have fun, try new things and be free.

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Thank you for reading, stay strong.


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