It’s been an interesting journey so far.

A vision long held is finally coming to life. People have been asking since we opened 10 years ago when we would be expanding to new locations. The launch of OneUp represents a big step up in the next phase of our company’s growth.

The thing I love most about owning a business and coaching in other organizations is watching other people stretch toward new possibilities. I am very proud to welcome Matt Mombourquette as a partner. Along with our amazing team, we intend to help far more people discover the incredible benefits of efficient and effective strength training!

OneUp means challenging our clients to progress each and every time they hit the training room. OneUp means providing a service and results far beyond what is typically found in the fitness industry. OneUp means pushing ourselves toward continuous personal and professional growth.

In the coming year, we’ll open our second fitness coaching location in the Halifax region and we know it will be our clients – the ones who have been encouraging us to grow since the very beginning – that will continue to inspire and support our journey. Thanks for coming along!