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Prioritize Strength

If you have time to do nothing else, prioritize strength!

I’ve been a trainer for well over a decade now. I’ve performed hundreds of fitness consultations and have instructed thousands of fitness sessions. I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure to meet hundreds of people and hear many different stories, goals, aspirations, fears and challenges regarding people’s health and fitness. What I have come to observe is that, hands down, the most common challenge that our clients face when it comes to staying fit is time and accountability.

We have many clients who are physicians, lawyers, entrepreneurs, accountants, stay at home parents, professors, etc. This usually means long days, long weeks and not much room in their schedules for very much else. In spite of their hectic schedules; and their work and personal life demands they do very well to stick to their one to 2 workouts per week.

Why? Because they value their strength and make it a priority in their week. I am very proud of our client’s commitment to their programs. There are a handful of our clients who’ve been training with us since our opening back in 2005 and an even greater number who’ve been training for around 10 years! That is a pretty great a testament to consistency with an exercise regime!
Of all of the choices in the fitness buffet that are at our disposal, when it comes to improving health I offer one strong suggestion: prioritize your strength. Keeping our muscles healthy as we age is one of, if not the single most important risk factor for ‘all-cause mortality’.

What does that mean in lay terms? If you are strength training regularly you are less likely to die from anything; from any disease, condition or accident!

The stronger you are and the better the quality of muscle you have, the more of a buffer you give yourself to protect against the effects of aging; the better you can perform at your sports and activities (even if you only get out for a round of golf once per month); and the more freedom you will have for the important things you enjoy like spending time with loved ones and engaging in hobbies, etc.

A properly performed, strength training workout doesn’t have to take any longer than 15-30 minutes for it to have a positive impact on your health. Even if you only do it once per week. And there is plenty of literature to back that claim in addition to our 13 years of anecdotal evidence.

Rev up your metabolism, build strong bones and muscles, feel energized and powerful, build a healthy mind, save yourself (a lot) of time, and get on with living!

Prioritize strength.


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