afishionado-fitness-OneUp Fitness-nutrition At Afishionado Fishmongers we are passionate about sustainable fish and seafood and the incomparable health benefits it provides. Our soon-to-be launched FiT FiSH subscription program (available for pick up from either one of the OneUp Fitness locations Wednesdays) rounds out your nutritional needs with clean, lean, sustainable protein. OneUp Fitness and Afishionado are the perfect paring to ensure your fitness and nutritional needs are met. 

I had the pleasure of working out with Erin in both locations just a few times so far and was blown away by the totally unique approach to fitness. Not one to set foot in a regular gym, I was pleasantly surprised by the private, professional style OneUp Fitness has perfected. I’m really looking forward to seeing the results and feel confident this is one fitness routine I will be able to stick with-no excuses!

OneUp Fitness and Afishionado strive to make living a healthy, active life as easy as possible by setting clients and customers up for success to make great sustainable choices.

“Opened by fish-lover and proud Nova Scotian Hana Nelson in August, 2014, Afishionado is a community-mindedafishiondao_halifax_OneUp Fitness_personal training fishmongers dedicated to bringing sustainable seafood to the plates of retail, subscription and wholesale customers. For us, knowing the story behind the fish we sell is important. We follow Ocean Wise certification as our main guide, a classification that ensures responsibility to a fishery’s abundance and catch method. As much as possible we maintain close relationships with those who catch our fish, and work hard to help foster a fair, transparent and sustainable exchange of seafood in the Maritimes from the ocean all the way to your plate. We take the guess work out of choosing the best products possible”

For more details about our Fit Fish, School of Fish and Catch of the Week subscriptions please visit: or email [email protected]. Or find us on Instrgarm, Facebook and Twitter!