Closeup of playful middle aged couple having fun in bedroom - IndoorA regular sex life is an important part of a healthy and fulfilling intimate relationship. Aside from sheer pleasure, there are plenty of health benefits from regular sex. Of course “regular” is relative to the individual and it’s normal to sometimes not feel ‘in the mood’. If bedroom activities are becoming fewer and farther between, and you are becoming less interested in the act, it may be related to decreased libido.

Hormonal irregularities are the most obvious culprit for low libido. Testosterone, estrogen and progesterone are the key hormonal factors that contribute to libido. Any irregularities with these hormones could reduce drive in the bedroom and may contribute to emotional stress for both parties.

The levels and regulation of these hormones are affected by pregnancy, menopause, andropause, some blood pressure and anti-depressant medications, alcohol, stress levels, age, nutrition, and exercise. Physical conditions like cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and diabetes, can also significantly impact healthy libido.

Get some spring back in your step

If you suspect that medications are negatively affecting your love life, it would be best to speak with your Physician and / or Naturopath to discuss different options. If your meds are in check and your emotional health is stable and there is still no get up in your go, what’s next?

What about nutrition and exercise? Do they really have a significant impact on libido?

Healthy Lifestyle = More horsepower?

Short answer: yes, optimal exercise and great nutrition have a significant positive impact on libido. The many physiological and psychological benefits for both men and women. Exercise has both an immediate and a cumulative positive impact.

How do you feel after a good workout? There is usually a sense of euphoria that washes over me post workout. It’s fantastic! This euphoria is often referred to as the post workout ‘high’ and is related directly to a positive hormonal response.

From the post-workout high to the increased energy and improved self image to the enhanced strength, stamina, and flexibility, it all adds up to better hormonal health and ignited desire.

What does it take? Two hard, full body resistance training workouts per week with 2-3 days rest between sessions. Add some activity that you love to do a few more times per week. And that activity has to be something that you love to do or you’re unlikely to keep it up. That’s it. Simple.

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