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Just Lift Weights

Weight Lifting our way to a healthier Nova Scotia

Although personal trainers are relatively new on the health care scene, our focus on wellness and prevention is extremely important for the future of health care. Our society has grown accustomed to counting on the health care system as a safety net and, as such, it is becoming less and less secure.

Dr. Doug McGuff, author of Body by Science, has written a new book called The Primal Prescription. It provides a fairly detailed overview of the U.S. health care system and the many challenges it faces. The critique makes one grateful to be Canadian if only to avoid the quagmires of American health insurance and managed care. His key message, however, speaks to all of us.

Although there is surprisingly little on exercise in this volume, Dr. McGuff is an ardent supporter of taking responsibility for one’s health as much as possible. He says:

“If I could give only one message to every man and woman that would most impact their health, it would be this: Just Lift Weights…there are so many benefits to be obtained from this form of exercise, including direct reduction of chronic disease risk and potential protection against some consequences of severe injury or illness…

…As the overarching goal of this book is to help you take control of your health amidst the deteriorating health care system, it should be now be clear why I am urging you to Lift Heavy Things.”

Why the emphasis on weights and heavy things? Strengthening muscle requires progressively overloading your muscles in order to stimulate growth. Skimping on weight and going for lots of reps does not have the same impact. Skipping it all together and just focusing on cardio is even worse.

As personal trainers, we know that proper exercise is the best health insurance money can buy.

We also know that too many people either avoid this essential foundation to their fitness program or take unnecessary risks in the pursuit of competitive goals. Safely stimulating strength with consistent effort over time is one of the most important things you can do to look and feel better today and in the future.

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