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Fitness. Down to a Science

“…maintain the gains I achieved.”

“I have been a client of One to One Wellness (now OneUp Fitness) for almost 10 years. I suffered from extreme back pain for years with no success in management no matter what I tried. Within 3 months my exercise at OneUp Fitness combined with physiotherapy treatments helped me to become pain free!! It felt like a miracle. I continue to work out at OneUp on a regular basis to maintain the gains I achieved. The staff is fabulous. Without exception every one of the...

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“…exactly what we were looking for.”

“We have been keeping fit with One Up Fitness since 2011. After running marathons for a decades or so, Paul felt that it was time to try something different and I (Pauline) was in need of some structured fitness. Together we started at OneUp to see if it could meet our needs. Over the years we have worked out with all of the instructors using most of the machines – all to excellent effect. The intense controlled exercise is exactly what we were looking for....

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“…the payoffs are incredible…”

“My name is Kausalya Rajaraman. My husband has advanced parkinsons disease, along with other age-related ailments compounding its detrimental effects of the primary disease. After long hesitation (because of financial constraints) we decided to join him to OneUp Fitness. That was the best decision we ever made in our lives. Progressive High Intensity Training here is the safest and most effective protocol backed by scientific research, for improving our health,...

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“…I am completely committed.”

“I started at OneUp when I noticed that, as I got older and even though I was physcially active, my physical strength seemed to be declining. I’ve been going for over a year now and am completely committed. Pros: I feel great. I really like the individualized approach & the enthusiastic and expert trainers. It really feels like a community working with me to keep me strong and fit. I also like the fact that the sessions are only 15-20 minutes long, so it is...

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“…I’m grateful to OneUp Fitness…”

“When I became a physiotherapist, I made a personal commitment to practice what I preach, meeting  the Public Health Agency’s physical activity recommendations every week, no matter what sorts of challenges life might throw my way. Making time for exercise is not always an easy task, and I’m grateful to OneUp Fitness for making it convenient for me to fit in the strengthening exercise that is so important for maintaining optimal health & function. I am...

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