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“…workout I actually look forward to going to…”

“…workout I actually look forward to going to…”

"I was first introduced to OneUp Fitness when Matt came to my office and presented a lunch & learn on nutrition in September of 2013. At that time I was looking for a trainer and I feel as if he was dropped on my doorstep. I went in for the initial meeting In October and I've been going ever since. It's the first workout that I actually look forward to going to, even at 7:30 a.m.

My initial goal was to take off a rather large amount of weight and over time I have learned that creating muscle and becoming stronger is just as or even more important.Since beginning with the centre I see differences in the basic shape of my appearance, strength and also in what I can do.  Two years ago there is no way I could do an 8 - 10 km hike on an "easy" rated trail and now I'm going on at least the "medium" rated trails and absolutely loving it.  In June '15 I will be taking on the mountains of Alaska.

OneUp Fitness gives me the individual attention I was looking for.  I knew I wouldn't work hard enough if left up to my own devices. I also appreciate that Matt, Quinn and Evan practice what they preach, working with each other as well as their clientele. It doesn't matter which of the guys you are working with, there is total consistency in your training program.

Today I feel healthier, stronger, and more active then I've felt in a long time and I attribute that to the twice a week trip to OneUp Fitness."

Debbie P

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