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“…less time, yet continue to make gains…”

“…less time, yet continue to make gains…”

"My first contact with OneUP was about 7 years ago. Their philosophy intrigued me enough to begin training. It did not take long before I noticed changes in small, but important ways. I had more energy and small things were simply easier. My posture improved. I could quickly sprint down the street in a hurry or easily climb several flights of stairs without being out of breathe at all. My arms took on definition that others noticed with some envy. It was easier to put my carry-on bag into the overhead bin on airplanes. This winter I found myself thinking that while I am no fan of shoveling snow, I had little problem doing it with confidence that I was strong enough and aware of using my body in the right way.

Funnily enough, I now spend less time exercising than I ever have with weekly sessions, yet I continue to make gains. The OneUp Fitness team pays close attention to my goals to ensure continued progress. I do not spend any other time on exercise. Rather, I enjoy being an active person moving through the day with confidence to take on whatever comes my way."

Jill Ceccolini

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