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Fitness. Down to a Science

“I was super impressed with myself …”

“One of the things I do twice a year is drag the all season tires/snow tires out of storage (they are on rims…so heavy!) and bring them to the garage to get my tires changed. I have never carried the tires to my car….I just find a willing friend and ask for help. With my appointment to get my tires changed looming, I decided to just carry the tires from storage myself (couple hallways, elevator, through the parking garage to get them in my car). So, I...

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“We have made adventure a family mission!”

My training at OneUp Fitness has kept me fit and able to take on new outdoor challenges. We have made adventure a family mission! From hiking the North Granite Ridge to snow shoeing and dog sledding, I know I can count on my muscles to meet these challenges head...

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“…One Up has a culture to be envied.”

I was originally referred to One Up Fitness by several friends who related positive experiences. While being physically active and participating in a variety of sports, it was my goal to add strength training to my regimen while not adding significantly to my personal time constraints. It was also an objective to tailor a program to assist me with a shoulder injury recovery. One of my personal passions is motorsports competition held on serpiginous road course circuits....

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“No more unnecessary injuries.”

I’m a 63-year old guy who has always been active and loves sports. In my 20’s, I trained for and completed about a dozen marathons. Between the ages of 30-50, my work and family limited my active athletic participation; but I always tried to stay reasonably fit, with some skiing and tennis. From age 50-55, I once again managed to train and complete another dozen marathon runs, including 3 Boston Marathons. Having satisfied my inner need to compete again, I hung...

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“I’ll still be at this when I’m old and grey.”

“My name is Kaye Parker and I have been attending OneUp since September 2006, just weeks after they opened. That is nearly 9 years of weekly, and in the early days, twice-weekly, strength training sessions. I began while I owned a very busy training and coaching company. That meant a lot of travelling, usually carrying awkward suitcases full of heavy training materials; and spending a lot of time in a classroom, standing on my feet all day. I really felt I needed to...

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