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Our Blog

“You need to be in shape to get sick”

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A couple of months back I connected with a past client who told me that they had been quite sick. He stated that he was still consistently performing hard resistance exercise (before and after his illness) at least once per week. He believed it was because of his training that he was able to endure and recover from this illness surprisingly quickly. Actually what he said was “you need to be in shape to get sick“. I paused, laughed and then thought “actually, yeah, that is pretty accurate!” Let me elaborate briefly....

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What makes OneUp different?

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Safe Resistance Exercise Expert, Educated Instructors The most Efficient Workouts If you want to learn Why & How we do each of these things, keep reading. If you want to see/feel it for yourself, book a complimentary session with us by clicking the ‘appointments‘ tab above, or by calling our office (902) 405-3661. Safe resistance exercise Our approach to resistance exercise is hinged around safety. We believe it is of the utmost importance and we take very measured precautions when prescribing and administering exercise. We...

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Lead with action

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The past few years leadership has been the buzzword, and everyone seems to have an elaborate opinion about ‘what it takes to be a leader’. The best definition that I’ve heard and that resonates with me most is ‘be first’, quite simply, lead. Leaders lead. It’s simple and really drives home the point. Everyone can be a leader, even if they are not aware of it. Parents are leaders for their children. What parents say, and how they act around their kids seems to have the biggest influence on the traits and...

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Bone Broth – Make it a staple

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Just like grandma used to make. Chicken soup when you’re sick? There is actually something to it, but you have to do it right, the tetra-pack from the grocery store is NOT what Grandma used to make. Making bone broth is inexpensive, relatively easy, creates a big yield, promotes ‘nose to tail’ cooking and has multiple uses such as soup stock, cooking stock, post workout drink, recovery from illness and injury, boosting immune system and for general health.   Nutrition Bone broth contains lots of minerals + 17 different...

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How Stella got her ‘Cardio’ back.

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Time travel Take a moment to reflect back to when you were 30. A two hour walk, no problem. Running to catch your plane, barely a huff. You’d work 9 hours, chase the kids around, go for a bike ride, clean up the garden and make supper. You’d shrug that off as just part of the routine. Nothing slowed you down. For some of you, this now may be a different story. You still have a very busy life, but all of the sudden you are feeling winded after two flights of stairs…maybe only one? Walking the dog is maybe not so enjoyable...

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Jennifer’s Story

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Jennifer’s story: A client testimonial Our client Jennifer had just completed her 6th workout with us when she had this to say about how she already felt stronger and more independent as a result of her strength training at OneUp Fitness… Awesome Jennifer, keep up the great work! We’d love to hear your story too! Let Matt know if you’d like to share you experience with the OneUp community. You can easily reach him here –>...

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Get the most out of your vacation

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Leaving on a jet plane One of my absolute favourite things to do is to travel. To see other countries and cultures; taste new foods; explore; hike; climb; shop; and play. I am super excited to say that in 8 days my wife and I will be boarding a plane to fly to Italy for 2 weeks! How fortunate are we!? My first taste of Europe happened last year when we visited Greece and I was completely blown away by its beauty and allure. I can only imagine what Italy has in store for us 🙂 As exciting and amazing as travel can be, it is not without...

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Menopause Seminar: Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

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Are hot flashes ruling your life? Nutrient density and exercise can help tame the flames. Join Matt Mombourquette of OneUp Fitness and Jill Haverstock, Nutrition Consultant at Santé for this informative workshop on how to redirect the fire of menopause into the most resilient time of your life. Find out how. We’ll share our tools with you. We are limited to 15 seats, register soon! –> Menopause seminar Registration Seminar will be held in Nova Spinal Care clinic on the second floor of the Sante Centre 50 Gary Martin Dr. Bedford...

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2017 ‘Kickstart’ Promotion

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Lean and strong. Who doesn’t aspire to look and feel lean and strong? What about sustained energy throughout the day, everyday? Better quality sleep, improved mood, improved blood sugar regulation, decrease or eliminate blood pressure or cholesterol medications…these are all achievable with the right approach to food and exercise. The biggest challenge to staying healthy that we hear from our clients? Time. Some of you may disagree, but most will relate. You have 24 hours per day to prioritize what is most important to you. Work,...

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The link below is to an article titled “Strength training during menopause offers multiple benefits”. This is an excerpt from a guide by Barbara Bushman, PhD, Janice Clark Young, EdD and the America College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) entitled “Action Plan for Menopause” – 2005. Here are (some) of the key points from the article that came from their research. The bad news… “Lean body mass decreases by approximately 15 percent between the ages of 30 and 80” (*significant) “Almost a 30 percent...

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