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Evan Snow – Personal Trainer / Kinesiologist

Evan Snow – Personal Trainer / Kinesiologist

Evan Snow – Personal Trainer / Kinesiologist

Evan is a very enthusiastic, kind and caring coach who has a deep passion for health and fitness. He graduated from Dalhousie University in 2014 with a BSc. majoring in Kinesiology. Since then he’s made it his mission, to plant his knowledge of health and fitness within his clients, attempting to get people to think differently about exercise and, specifically, strength training.

Evan instructs his clients to focus more on the subjective experience of their workouts; the quality of their training. The intensity or how challenging the workout feels should come as a result of the level of focus and effort the client puts into every repetition of every exercise they perform. This, in turn will produce the maximum result.

He loves to help his clients better connect to their bodies and most importantly, feel better about themselves as they pursue their journey to improving their health.

I love what I do. Day in and day out I have the privilege to interact with people who truly inspire me. I get to laugh, to learn and to enable my clients to be the very best they can be when it comes to health and wellness. I want to help you achieve freedom and enjoy your life to its fullest potential through safe and productive strength training.”


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