What makes OneUp Fitness different?

  1. Safe Resistance Exercise
  2. Expert, Educated Instructors
  3. The most Efficient Workouts

If you want to learn Why & How we do each of these things, keep reading. If you want to see/feel it for yourself, book a complimentary session with us by clicking the appointments tab above, or by calling our office (902) 405-3661.

Safe resistance exercise

Our approach to resistance exercise is hinged around safety. We believe it is of the utmost importance and we take very measured precautions when prescribing and administering exercise.

We employ a ‘slow motion’ protocol when training because we know that the faster a person moves, especially with added resistance to the movement, the greater the potential for injury.

We ensure that our clients take the first few sessions to really practice each of the exercise movements with a moderate resistance first. This is to encourage our clients to perfect their form before making the exercises more challenging.

We take into consideration their health history and any underlying pain or orthopaedic issues when prescribing and progressing exercises.

All sessions are supervised with a professional, leaving no guess work for anyone who trains in our studios.

Expert, educated instructors

All of our trainers are required to hold a degree in exercise science; a certification in strength training; as well as a month of ‘in-house’ training before they are allowed to see a client on their own. This training is organized and supervised by the team lead, Matt, who has over 15 years of experience in the field of fitness and health.

We encourage a culture of learning. This includes monthly meetings, opportunities to engage in coaching to develop new skills, staying atop of the current health and exercise literature, reading books, listening to podcasts and then discussing how we can implement our findings safely and succinctly into our practices.

Efficient workouts

The most recent and well accepted literature on exercise seems to indicate that the quality of exercise is more beneficial than the quantity. So, assuming you can get the same results as a traditional approach to resistance exercise, wouldn’t it be great if you only had to commit a maximum of 2 bouts at 30 minutes a pop? Thats what we do! That’s what our expertise is. That’s what gets us excited and why we get up in the morning, to share this information with you and help to guide you safely through this process. We have seen continued success with our clients using this approach for the past 12 years! (2017 when this was written)

We are happy to extend this discussion further into a free, one hour consultation if you are looking to take the next step. 

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