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    Can strength training improve symptoms of depression?

    I've written about the benefits of strength training on mental health before here. I want to share with you a new article that I've come across which discusses new evidence to suggest that those who suffer from symptoms of depression and those who feel their cognitive prowess is not what it used to be, should start strength training. Click the link below to read the article. The Prescription Of Strength Training For Treating Depression And Optimizing Cognitive Performance. - Dr. David Puder, MD & Amul Shah, MD / November 8th, 2017 I'll summarize a few important takeaways from the article here. The first is the fact that, like most everything, quality (intensity of exercise) seems to be the key variable. The harder you work the better the outcomes, and as a result less time is required to achieve these outcomes. As a bonus, in the study they refer to, sleep quality [...]

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    How Stella got her ‘Cardio’ back.

    Time travel Take a moment to reflect back to when you were 30. A two hour walk, no problem. Running to catch your plane, barely a huff. You'd work 9 hours, chase the kids around, go for a bike ride, clean up the garden and make supper. You'd shrug that off as just part of the routine. Nothing slowed you down. For some of you, this now may be a different story. You still have a very busy life, but all of the sudden you are feeling winded after two flights of stairs...maybe only one? Walking the dog is maybe not so enjoyable anymore; and the last friggin' thing you feel like doing is going for a bike ride. Your back aches after only 20 minutes in the garden and; you've missed your flight because you couldn't make the connection in time; or you book transfers with longer stopovers to avoid [...]

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    Jennifer’s Story

    Jennifer's story: A client testimonial Our client Jennifer had just completed her 6th workout with us when she had this to say about how she already felt stronger and more independent as a result of her strength training at OneUp Fitness... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8DIhAe0vzI Awesome Jennifer, keep up the great work! We'd love to hear your story too! Let Matt know if you'd like to share you experience with the OneUp community. You can easily reach him here --> [email protected]

  • How to build a healthy brain – Part 2: Sleep

    How to build a healthy brain - Part 2: Sleep In my last post I discussed some very interesting and promising evidence supporting the significant 'brain boosts' that come from regular exercise and activity. This evidence supports the idea that brain health markers improve when performing semi-regular (one or two sessions per week), intense workouts; and that resistance training is emerging as the preferred method for such training. There also seems to be a lot of benefits to moderate intensity activities like hiking, skating, skiing, etc. as well; and may well be worth working both into your lifestyle for optimal impact on brain function. How does sleep affect brain health? It makes sense to assume that if you don't get enough "ZZZ's" that your attention and memory will be compromised. In addition to a fuzzy memory and attention span, when we don't get enough high quality sleep we feel moody, it becomes harder to concentrate on [...]

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    Keep it Up

    A regular sex life is an important part of a healthy and fulfilling intimate relationship. Aside from sheer pleasure, there are plenty of health benefits from regular sex. Of course “regular” is relative to the individual and it’s normal to sometimes not feel ‘in the mood’. If bedroom activities are becoming fewer and farther between, and you are becoming less interested in the act, it may be related to decreased libido. Hormonal irregularities are the most obvious culprit for low libido. Testosterone, estrogen and progesterone are the key hormonal factors that contribute to libido. Any irregularities with these hormones could reduce drive in the bedroom and may contribute to emotional stress for both parties. The levels and regulation of these hormones are affected by pregnancy, menopause, andropause, some blood pressure and anti-depressant medications, alcohol, stress levels, age, nutrition, and exercise. Physical conditions like cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and diabetes, can also [...]

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