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Up Your Game: Hiking Part 2

*For part 1 click the link here –> Up Your Game Hiking: Part 1 Hiking to the ‘roof of Africa’ Our Experience You feel the mountain, no question. There really is no way to describe altitude until you’ve experienced it. Light headedness, shortness of breath, dizzy, disoriented, and the occasional headache that always lingers around; that is the best way that I can describe it. Those things considered, the trek itself is no walk in the park. There...

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Quick Tips On Snow Shovelling

I posted the video below a couple of weeks ago on our Facebook page, it seems kinda funny now as our snowbanks are so high here in Nova Scotia that there is no way you can just flex your wrists and dump snow in a pile at your feet…the piles are 4 feet high, at least! May I offer some suggestions in light of this… Video: Moment Arm Shovelling So, Bill does a great job explaining the best biomechanical way to move the white stuff around, but I’m pretty sure...

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Up Your Game: Hiking Part 1

Hiking to the ‘roof of Africa’ Prior to this trip I had never hiked a mountain. I hadn’t even considered doing something like this as I thought the altitude would be unsurmountable for someone who has lived at sea level his entire life. I was also concerned about what kind of training and equipment would be needed for such an adventure. My wife (Candace) and I have always loved to hike. Fresh air, solitude, adventure a sense of achievement from finishing a...

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The Truth About Exercise

The Truth About Exercise Great documentary. We teach the real objective of exercise and how it can efficiently change your body and improve your quality of life. Looking for a personalized exercise prescription? One that’s effective, convenient, and sustainable? Quick clue: Maintain Your Muscle!

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