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How Stella got her ‘Cardio’ back.

Time travel Take a moment to reflect back to when you were 30. A two hour walk, no problem. Running to catch your plane, barely a huff. You’d work 9 hours, chase the kids around, go for a bike ride, clean up the garden and make supper. You’d shrug that off as just part of the routine. Nothing slowed you down. For some of you, this now may be a different story. You still have a very busy life, but all of the sudden you are feeling winded after two flights of...

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Strong Kids = Healthy Kids

Strong Kids = Health Kids: Teaching Children to Strength Train Children are often busy playing sports and playing games. They are FULL of energy and while keeping them active may not be a challenge, can they also benefit from a program designed to keep them strong? Undoubtedly, the answer is yes! Everyone always benefits from having stronger muscles. The most important factor with younger clients is not their age, size, or strength. What really matters is how well they can...

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Put Your Fitness to the Test

What are your plans this summer? What cool and exciting activities are you going to try or experience? Nova Scotia has plenty to offer and “staycations” in our nicest months of the year can be super fun. Now is the time to plan out your activities and prepare to put your fitness to the test. Anyone who has read my previous blogs knows that I am a pretty avid hiker. And we plan on doing a lot more hiking through to the fall. So far this spring we’ve hiked...

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Strength training is safe.

This is assuming of course, that it is performed properly (see below). In contrast, a properly performed tackle in football can still cause a serious injury. Proper running form can still lead to nagging injuries due to repetitive strain. Basketball has the most injuries of all sports according to the following list: Forbes – Most hazardous sports. A properly performed chest press, even when performed with a very high level of intensity, has very little risk...

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10 Reasons Why Runners Should Lift Weights

 This article was posted back in 2012. “10 REASONS” I have listed their 10 reasons below, with a few edits of my own. The main points are pretty good, I have added the takeaways from each point in case you don’t want to commit to reading the whole article. Why runners should consider strength training. 1. Get Faster Take away: Strength training will improve your pace and make you faster overall. An intense strength training program will produce best...

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Strength lends to courage

It’s been a rough winter for us here in the Maritimes and, as a result, there were a lot of people heading south for a little reprieve from the onslaught of old man winter, including yours truly. My wife and I recently had a wonderfully relaxing vacation on some sandy white shores with beautifully warm turquoise water gently churning in the background. My intent on this vacation was to relax; and I purposefully neglected the gym facilities at our location as my...

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