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Fitness. Down to a Science


Dominique Lalande- Personal Trainer/Kinesiologist

Dominique is a ‘small but mighty’ national champion rugby player, native to Halifax, NS. Growing up Dominique loved playing sports (primarily soccer and rugby) as well as coaching within the realm of those sports whenever possible. This pushed her to continue her education in the field of health and fitness. Dom is a recent graduate from St.FX earning a BSc. in Human Kinetics. She has discovered that her passion is to help individuals gain strength and confidence through...

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Matt Mombourquette – Personal Trainer / Partner

Matt is an award winning personal trainer. His interest in fitness and health started at a young age leading him to a degree in Kinesiology from Dalhousie University. His passion for exercise, nutrition, and leading a healthy lifestyle has led him to a career in personal fitness coaching. Matt joined One to One Wellness in 2007 and is now the senior trainer and business partner at OneUp Fitness. Matt has successfully coached thousands of fitness sessions throughout his...

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Nick Matheson – Owner

As an entrepreneur for over 15 years, Nick is a specialist at turning pain into performance. He has a distinct ability to get to the source of issues, coaching and challenging others to shift direction and make the leap toward greater freedom and prosperity. With deep knowledge in neuroscience, embodied leadership, and business transformation, he creates better alignment and accelerates value creation within organizations. Nick is the owner of OneUp Fitness and One to One...

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Evan Snow – Personal Trainer / Kinesiologist

Evan is a very enthusiastic, kind and caring coach who has a deep passion for health and fitness. He graduated from Dalhousie University in 2014 with a BSc. majoring in Kinesiology. Since then he’s made it his mission, to plant his knowledge of health and fitness within his clients, attempting to get people to think differently about exercise and, specifically, strength training. Evan instructs his clients to focus more on the subjective experience of their workouts; the...

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Jen Sheppard – Administration and Client Relations Manager

Born and raised in Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, Jen has made her home in Halifax since 1999. She moved here to study psychology at Dalhousie University and found the right balance in our great city. Jen has a strong love for the arts and especially enjoys independent films, music, and live art. She also loves to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and spend time in nature. She is a creative and high energy individual with a passion for living an aware and spiritual...

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