50 Gary Martin Dr. Unit 230
Bedford, NS B4B 0N9

T: 902-405-3661
E: [email protected]


We are located at 50 Gary Martin Dr. Unit 230 right off the Hammonds Plains Rd. and directly across from the BMO centre.


Monday – 1:00pm-7:00pm
Tuesday – 6:30am-7:00pm
Wednesday – 7:30am-3:00pm
Thursday – 7:30am-7:00pm
Friday – 6:30am-4:00pm

personal trainer in Bedford
personal trainer in Bedford
personal trainer in Bedford

Keep doing what you love.

Meet Cheryl, a six year One Up client with a history of chronic back pain, who is now an outdoor enthusiast. Hear how One Up changed her life.

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Making the cut.

Meet Noah, a young athlete.
Trainer: Why did you start strength training at OneUp?
Noah: To make the triple A Pee Wee Hockey team this year.
Trainer: Did you make it?
Noah: Yup.

Learn how strength training helps to develop healthy habits in children.

Strength = Independence

Meet Jennifer, she maintains her independence with help from OneUp.
“I picked up a bag of salt, and threw it over my shoulder, I couldn’t believe it! So I went back and got two more.”

Looking to maintain your independence? We can help.

One man’s journey to a fitter life!

Watch as Darren explain the changes in his life from a year spent training with One Up Fitness.

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See What Our Clients Are Saying

I was looking for a few specific things in my search for a fitness program and comfortable training environment – a more efficient and effective workout that could be tailored to my specific health and fitness priorities, 1 to 1 training with expert coaches, and a professional training environment that focuses on tangible results rather than mass classes or rows of Lulu Lemon lined up on the treadmills. A friend mentioned One Up and, being curious, I tried out the introductory session.

Their model is unique from the ubiquitous mass production gyms and fitness programs that saturate pop culture and the HRM. The One Up program is back by hard science, detailed research, and an explicit dedication to ensuring that clients meet their goals and progress to goals in a safe, incremental, and supported way.

I can truly say that this is the best fitness program I have ever had. Why? Because of the combination of the instructors and the model of fitness generation. I work with Matt almost exclusively but all the instructors are similarly knowledgeable, engaging, supportive, and safety conscious. With Matt’s encouragement and guidance in strength training, I hit new personal best performances almost every session and I have the tools to maintain this when I travel for work. It’s also fantastic to know that after my targeted 30-minute workout, I know I’ve worked as hard as a much longer workout elsewhere but I can get dressed and go immediately back to work. Quite literally, they have it down to a science and I’ve achieved exciting goals as a result.

I also completed the 6-week lifestyle coaching program with Matt. This program is designed to help support targeted fitness goals – whether weight loss or introducing a more balanced nutritional lifestyle, etc. This was a fantastic experience, providing 1 to1 meetings, body composition analysis, and planning/problem-solving. I gained lots of valuable knowledge about how to incorporate my paleo nutritional goals and lost 14 lbs over the course of the program.

If you’re looking for a safe, efficient and highly effective way to meet (or jump start) your fitness goals, I highly recommend One Up. In my opinion, they’re the Number 1 fitness program in HRM for all people who are serious about regaining or protecting their health and fitness. With a free introductory session to try it out, you’ll be hooked too!

Margie Kennedy

Challenging but rewarding! Best workout ever!!

Cindy Mombourquette

Great concept at a great location!

DP Steyn