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Family Turned Fit

A healthier Nova Scotia…and a Family Turned Fit.

I\’m often asked why I became a fitness professional and why I choose to work with the general population instead of athletes. So I\’d love to share with you why I am so eager for a new model for fitness and, like Matt, continue to work towards our dream of a healthier Nova Scotia.

My father and I on an  Autumn hike, 2014

Like many in rural Nova Scotia my father has done manual labor for much of his life. As a result, his body has been well used, even at the young age of 60. When I was younger, both of my parents worked long hours. Growing up, my dad had very little time to play with us due to his work schedule. When he did have the time he often lacked the energy and strength to keep up.

Many of our clients have their own children and some are lucky enough to have grandchildren. I never get tired of hearing stories about clients and their new found ability to play with their loved ones; to pick them up, wrestle with them, and to keep up with their respective activities; especially without the fear of pain or injury. Most of them give credit to their training here at OneUp Fitness for this freedom.

My parents were shocked when I showed them how they could improve their strength, overall fitness, and health with only two, 30-minute workouts per week. This gives me great hope that I will be able see my father enjoy the freedom that a healthy lifestyle will provide. For him to be able to fully enjoy time playing with his grandchildren, and to continue to live a fun and fulfilling life.

Since beginning a safe and effective exercise program together, with a little help from their son ;), my parents have flourished into two beautiful people that have so much more strength and energy. In the last couple of years they\’ve gone on trips together; we\’ve gone on family hikes; and they\’ve even gone dancing together! I can\’t remember a time during my childhood when they were able to do any of those things.

Why do I choose a career of fitness? I have the pleasure of providing a service that brings my dream for the future into reality. To see our clients share the freedom afforded by greater strength and fitness with their loved ones gives me great hope not only for my own family but also for all Nova Scotians. It would be a dream come true to be able to age healthfully together and to create a new model for health and fitness in our province.

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