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Quinn Van den Heuvel – Personal Trainer / Kinesiologist

Quinn Van den Heuvel

Fitness Coach/Kinesiologist

Quinn Van den Heuvel – Personal Trainer / Kinesiologist

Quinn is a small town kid with a big heart. Being part of a family that nurtured a love for sport and physical fitness, he developed a passion for training and its relation to sport performance. He began his fitness journey training with highland games and ex-CFL athletes as a way to excel in his chosen sports (hockey and basketball.) Eventually he found himself in the Kinesiology program at Dalhousie University where he developed interests in muscle physiology, body image and how it affects people of all ages, as well as aging and longevity. During his time at Dal his love for coaching continued to grow, and he was involved in team training with varying levels of track and field, softball, and basketball athletes. He complemented his studies with coaching sport and fitness programs in Switzerland during the summers.

Quinn will be the first to share his struggles with his own personal fitness, having tried many approaches and training programs. Few resonated with him and he grew frustrated by the overwhelming amount of information and the underwhelming results that traditional training methods were yielding.

At OneUp Fitness, Quinn has found more than a refreshing approach and culture around fitness; he has found a family. He has been blown away by the results from his own training and has felt humbled to share our personalized approach with his wonderful clients.

Everyone has their own personal fitness journey, and it’s truly incredible to see the growth our clients go through once they start training with us.”

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