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Healthy Aging

Partner Highlight – Summit Spa

Susan Alward – Owner Summit Spa As the owner of The Summit-Skin Care & Hair Removal I know that great skin health is not created by external factors alone. A healthy and fit lifestyle plays a huge part. Owning your own business or any other very busy work/home life means time for fitness can be hard to carve into an over-crammed schedule. I personally love what One Up Fitness has to offer to keep me fit. A total departure from a regular gym. It is private,...

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How to Build a Healthy Brain – Part 1: Exercise

How to build a healthy brain – Part 1: Exercise I believe that there are 4 pillars to building a healthy brain; they are sleep, nutrition, stress management and exercise. Each is equally important and dependent on the success of the other categories to achieve optimal brain function. If one pillar is lagging, it will negatively impact the others. For example, if you sleep really well and have your exercise nailed down, but you still eat fast food and don’t...

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Free Exercise Workshop

Strength training at home or on the road This hour long session will take you through some essential exercises that you can easily perform from the comfort of your home, office or a remote office (for the travelling professionals out there). Date: Thursday, June 16th, 2016 @ 7pm Location: OneUp Fitness – Halifax Hosts: Personal trainers Quinn, Evan, and Erin Cost: This workshop is free all we ask in return is that you tell a friend or colleague about us. A referral is...

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What are you training for?

What are you training for? In my experience the most common responses to this question are often ‘to lose weight’, ‘to gain muscle mass’, ‘to improve my race time’, ‘to look better in a bathing suit’, etc. There is nothing wrong with these goals and sometimes they serve as a powerful intrinsic motivator to remain consistent with your exercise regime. They shouldn’t however, be our sole indicator for success or motivation...

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Upcoming Workshop: Wednesday, March 16th

Our last workshop was a big hit! We had a great turnout and great participation from everyone who came out. As a result we will be hosting a follow up workshop in March, details below. Where: OneUp Fitness Halifax When: Wednesday, March 16th @ 7pm Who: Your OneUp Fitness team What: A “Do it Yourself” workshop teaching participants how to safely and effectively train at home or on the road while they travel. COME PREPARED TO DO SOME EXERCISE. There are only 10...

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Why strength training is essential for overall health

There are a number of reasons why I recommend strength training for anyone who wants to achieve optimal long-term health. As a chiropractor, I have a triad of things that I believe are essential to optimize our physical well-being. These three things are alignment, flexibility/mobility, and strength/stability. Our greatest interest in our practice is the long term well-being of our patients. As much as we love helping people overcome physical challenges our greatest joy...

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